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Pokemon EXTRAVAGNAZA! Mega Thread for Movies and Shorts

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Author Topic: Pokemon EXTRAVAGNAZA! Mega Thread for Movies and Shorts  (Read 2245 times)
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« Reply #60 on: September 10, 2017, 12:44:53 pm »

Pokemon EXTRAVAGANZA! Movie 8: Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation The Movie: Mew and the Wave Hero, Lucario.

Plot: Many years ago, the land was rife with war. Two opposing factions threatened the kingdomís safety, and a hero named Sir Aaron and his faithful partner, Lucario, were the only ones with any hope of saving it. As Lucario asked his master for guidance, Sir Aaron claimed he had forsaken the crown and abandoned the kingdom. Baffled at this supposedly betrayal, Lucario finds himself sealed within Sir Aaronís staff as he seems to run away when the kingdom needs him most. After Sir Aaron left, the kingdom miraculously found peace and Sir Aaron was proclaimed as a hero for whatever he might have done to save the land.

Back in the present, in the mystical and beautiful town of Rota, lies Celeran Castle where the current Queen of the land is holding the annual festival in honor of Sir Aaron. Satoshi, Haruka, Takeshi and Masato arrive to partake in the festivities. Satoshi wins a Pokemon battle tournament for the festival and is given the title of Hero of the Wave. Heís given Sir Aaronís real staff to hold during the festival, but suddenly starts hearing voices from within the staff. Suddenly, the staff shines brightly and unleashes Lucario who is blindsided by the new era he finds himself in. However, he quickly remembers the betrayal of his master and is consumed with confusion and bitterness, especially in the face of Satoshi with his strong bond with Pikachu.

When Pikachu is accidentally taken away by the local Mew to the Tree of Worldís Beginning, Lucario is tasked by Queen Ilene to help him find his friend. Is the truth behind Sir Aaronís Ďbetrayalí going to be uncovered along the way?


The Japanese Poster is almost exactly the same as the English poster (only differences are that some text is omitted and the rest is translated), so yay on both sides!

20 Minute Mark

The original also has that 'Before Monster Balls existed' ďerrorĒ. Though, coincidentally, this is explained through text on the screen instead of narration because, say it with me now, kids can't read.

Sir Aaron is actually Arlon.....though, considering r and l are interchangeable in Japanese, it's not too much of a stretch. Also, according to the Wiki, it's surmised that Arlon's name is derivative from the prophet, Aaron; Moses' brother in the bible. 4Kids probably wasn't going for that for obvious reasons, but considering the possible origin, it's a totally understandable change.

It still really bothers me that Aaron doesn't seem to give a crap about his crash-landed and injured Pidgeot.

Ya know, you'd think more people would gun for a Hero of the Wave costume in this festival, especially since the prize for winning the tournament is to be named Hero of the Wave for the year, but it seems like only Satoshi wants to.

New theme song this time around. It's alright. A little catchy and pretty easy on the ears, but nothing too great to me.

Ilene says Satoshi is allowed to merely hold the staff, she doesn't imply that it's his. Nitpicky still, but eh.

40 Minute Mark

The thing I find ironic about the whole 'The Hero cannot leave his seat' thing is that if that were the real Sir Aaron, he'd probably be allowed to get up and join the party.

See if both Haruka and Musashi fall for the same guy and both seemingly have a chance, something's creepy.

I didn't even notice the Celebi toy box and legendary birds merry go round. Damn, I want those too.

I still can't get over how stupid Kidd's plan is. She is seemingly such a smart and damn near perfect person yet she's so sloppy with this.

Kojirou correctly surmises that Lucario's been locked away for hundreds of years, not thousands.

Why does Masato instantly know what a Mew looks like but not a Lucario?

Kidd says she went there to go to the Tree of World's Origins and unlock its secrets. If that's true, why start at the castle and why try to get the tracker on Mew?......Did....she not know where it was?.....Give you a hint. It's that gigantic tree that's actually a mountain. I know it's so terribly hard to see, but use your binoculars and maybe you'll catch a glimpse.

Hour Mark

Aura is called the wave.

Okay, I'm going to revise something I said in the dub review for a minute. I didn't realize the group was actually halted by the geysers and just decided to bathe in a nearby hot spring while they waited. Chalk it up to completely derping during watching or some dialogue change I didn't catch, I dunno. I'm still gonna call foul here a little because I really think the car could make it around those geysers with no problem.

It's so cute when Lucario purrs.

The whole 'Satoshi and Aaron have the exact same wave' thing is present in both versions. Irritating and nonsensical either way.

While Satoshi does claim that Lucario's story is a bunch of bull, he doesn't accuse Lucario of being the one who betrayed Aaron like Ash does.

So, even in the original version Lucario says to never abandon Pikachu specifically and not 'any of his Pokemon'. Seriously, sometimes you have to wonder how jealousy and Pokemon rivalry doesn't come into play more often in this series considering playing favorites is so common.

Hour and 20 Minute Mark

Itís kinda cute when Haruka helps Masato climb up the crystals.

How the hell has no one discovered or studied this place yet? I know, the Regis and blah blah, but if a bunch of kids could get passed them I donít see why adults couldnít. Even if they had to call in skilled Pokemon trainers to help. Itís not like itís in some inaccessible area. You can easily drive to it and walk into it. And itís not like itís hidden either, itís a gigantic mountain in plain sight for miles with tons of legends surrounding it.

HmÖ.Listening closely to what Regice is saying, it really does sound like heís saying Regi-Ice and not Redge-ice, despite how itís spelled. Oddly, though, Satoshi still sounds like heís saying ĎRedge-ice.í I guess itís the former, but itís spelled like the latter? Please just add another I to make me feel better.


Iím starting to think that, while they donít outright say it, that these gloves somehow amplify the wave ability or someone focus it better. Though, if so, why would a wave master such as Aaron need them and why would he take them off near the end?

Also, Aaron mustíve had small hands if Ash, a ten year old boy, can wear them without issue.

Satoshi merely says, as Sir Aaron and Lucario before him, that the wave is within him. Ash said that Lucarioís aura is with him. Nitpicky a little, but the original is basically honoring the sacrifices and lives of the wave users before him. The dub is basically Ďhe lives in youí. Nothing wrong with the change, per se, but it is a change.

Hereís another weird thing; when Satoshi and the others are looking at the altered painting of Lucario and Sir Aaron, we get a closeup of Satoshi as he points out that they were finally reunited. In the dub, 4Kids chose to not include any dialogue here, so itís a bit awkward to have a closeup of him talking with no sound. They really canít make up their minds on how they feel about shots like that. Either that or they just put the song over all the credits and didnít pay attention to the fact that there was voice work there.

Interestingly, there are shots of more talking later with Brock in the gondola, but thereís no audio from it in the original and the same is said of the dub. *shrug*

The originalís EDÖ.is actually not as good as the dubís in my opinion. The dubís was similarly moderately high in tempo, but with an air of somberness in its lyrics. The originalís is a bit overly happy with no real somberness to the lyrics.


Overall, yes, I would say, barring some minor changes and mistakes and the totally predictable Ďletís skirt around deathí thing, this is definitely 4Kids best dubbing effort that Iíve ever seen from them. The music, most of the writing, a majority of the voice work, the relative lack of edits outside of those that are Ďnecessaryí, Iím damn near proud of those bastards.

Of course, itís a bittersweet ending, just like the movie, because itís yet another reminder that 4Kids had it in them all along to do solid dubbing work and they just chose to beÖ.well, 4Kids.

Itís a shame because dubbing companies for anime aimed purely towards kids isnít really common anymore. Nelvanaís still dabbling in a couple of shows, DiC hasnít done an anime since Knights of the Zodiac in 2003; and thatís pretty much all the main ones that still exist to my knowledge. 4Kids couldíve been a great dubbing company for bringing anime to a younger audience in America, but they never cared about anything but money.

Iím not gonna say 4Kids didnít at least help expose younger audiences to anime. Hell, part of my doing these comparisons was because I used to love old 4Kids dubs like Yugioh and Pokemon. They obviously had a huge impact on many kids of the anime resurgence back in the early 00ís. 4Kids took up most of Kids WB on Saturday mornings, and they took up so much of it that it was eventually full out changed to 4KidsTV at a certain point.

Problem was, most kids didnít realize that what they were watching was anime. It was so Americanized and filtered that most kids took it as cartoons with weird art. 4Kids never understood that these shows can have a widespread appeal without whitewashing every damn thing out of it. I may never have known that what I was watching was anime without the help of a friend of mine who was actually into anime for real and pointed out Japanese versions of stuff like the Pokemon games and Sailor Moon to me.

Every time that I do a comparison with a 4Kids show, I know most of these edits are pointless and stupid, but when they actually do a great job dubbing something I get even more angry since they seem well in the knowledge that what they do to shows is mostly pointless and stupid. I know these shows need some tampering to coincide with American laws, such as the card paint edits in Yugioh because of advertisement laws in kids shows and some instances of violence, alcohol and whatnot, but to say 4Kids went above and beyond the call of duty when it came to edits is a huge understatement. They were just determined to be as kid-ified, paranoid, xenophobic and MURICAíd as humanly possible.

They werenít even good with money and covering their ass legally what with the several lawsuits from Pokemon and Yugiohís creators. Their greed lead to their downfall, and itís both a wonderful thing and kind of a waste.

Sorry for the big tangent, but since this is 4Kids final excursion, I felt it fitting to get that off my chest here. Plus, I donít have much else to add about the movie. Itís still a great movie that I would gladly watch again. The original Japanese version is only a tiny bit better, mostly in regards to voice acting and not including the very minor changes.

But now, we have to move on from 4Kids. Itís Pokemon USAís turn up to bat. Iíve never watched any of the next movie, Pokemon Ranger and the Prince of the Sea, Manaphy, nor do I care much for Manaphy, but weíll see.

Recommended Audience
: Thereís several mentions of death and some tense moments where you think several characters have died, and a couple of characters do die. However, itís presented in such a way thatís not horribly traumatic or anything. Still, maybe, just maybe, a parent or guardian would be nice to have around with kids watching this. Just to be safe. 7+
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