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DT's Sub Dub Comparisons - One Piece

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Author Topic: DT's Sub Dub Comparisons - One Piece  (Read 658 times)
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« Reply #15 on: December 11, 2016, 04:38:20 am »

It's a Xmas miracle!
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« Reply #16 on: January 25, 2017, 07:54:46 pm »

One Piece Episode 8 Sub Dub Comparison

Plot: Buggy explains his past with Shanks after ripping Luffy's hat and continues their fight. Luffy gains the upper hand, however, and with the help of his new navigator, Nami, he's well on his way to the Grand Line.


In the original, younger Shanks and younger Buggy were fighting about which is colder; the north pole or the south pole. In the dub they're fighting over which pole has the best ice cubes.....well of course....the original was SO untranslatable....

They edit out one of the older pirates on the ship hitting both Shanks and Buggy in the head and reprimanding them for fighting. No matter how cartoony the violence is they still remove it.


They also edit out the other pirates laughing at them for fighting over something so stupid.


4Kids decides to for no reason whatsoever draw colored dotted lines all over the map that younger Buggy finds......Go on.....Think of a reason for this change........Think.......THINK!!



They edit out a bottle in younger Shanks hands as Buggy reads his map. I will also mention that in the original you can hear a huge party going on inside the ship with one of the biggest noises being clanging bottles. In the dub it's like there's nothing going on in there. Yeah, I'm sure pirates would really be that quiet.



They not only edit out a shot of Shanks taking a drink from his bottle but since they removed the bottle before they just remove his whole arm for this next scene. Surprisingly, instead of just leaving his arm gone they redraw it in a terrible position by his ass. So Shanks must've broken the everloving crap out of his arm to get it to be in that position. Oh well. He loses that arm anyway......What? Too soon?



Buggy says he'd eventually kill Shanks if they ever met on the sea. In the dub, he just says he'll fight him.

Also, originally Shanks acts like he doesn't like the fact that pirates also tend to kill each other when they meet on the sea no matter how good friends they were. In the dub he acts like he's excited that Buggy would fight him in the future.

Dub Shanks: “Yeah cursed fruit. They say it was magically enchanted by sea ghosts.” Stop......Just....Just....urgh. I need a minute.

Wait, where did Buggy find a fake devil fruit? It doesn't really look like any other fruit...

Originally Shanks said the cook would scold him for stealing the dub....he says....the cook....will...SKIN HIM ALIVE! 4Kids, for the sake of my sanity, please start making sense.

A shot of Luffy before he says that Shanks saved Buggy's life is removed.

Originally Buggy said Shanks' actions delayed his plans by ten years and he decided if he couldn't get the treasure under the sea that he'd get all of the treasure on land instead. In the dub he says Shanks foiled his plans outright and now he wants to use his Chop-Chop powers to their full extent to help him in his pirating.

Also, Luffy does have a gigantic point. Shanks didn't do a damn thing to ruin Buggy's life. Buggy's the one who stole the map, he's the one who stole the Bara Bara no Mi, he's the one who stuffed it in his mouth and he's the one who swallowed it by being merely startled. It's a huge-ass fruit, you cannot tell me he swallowed that purely on accident. He's also the one who let go of his map to yell at Shanks and he decided on his own to dive into the water to get it. Shanks just startled him once and in the end he saved his ass. Then again I'm probably looking for too much logic in an insane pirate clown.

The shot of Luffy looking back to Buggy's legs is shortened.

Originally Luffy stops Buggy's attack on Nami by kicking him in the nuts while his upper half was flying off towards Nami. Obviously we can't have this but we still need to stop him so what does 4Kids do? Well, from what I can tell by the shot, it looks like Luffy lightly tapped his ankle......What a fierce villain. Can be completely disabled by a gentle tap on the ankle. This fight is going to be a real nail biter now!




Also, Buggy originally cries out in pain “ balls!” In the dub he just says Luffy's attack was unfair. Yes, how dare you unfairly gently tap him in the ankle as his upper half tries to attack an unarmed person when he's shown no semblance of honor or mercy the entire time you've known him. Luffy you're just a monster!

Someone in the town-Dub version: “Okay friends, let's do this!” Who the hell are you, Dora the Explorer? Actually you sound more like Man Ray from Spongebob when he tried to pretend to be good. Who refers to a group of people as “friends” like that? What do you think about this line, friends?

Nami Eyecatch:

Dub Luffy: “Yowza!” I'm sorry, did I switch over to Inspector Gadget?

'Snapshots' of Buggy getting hit are removed.


Also, they edit the golden cross in Buggy's bag of loot to look like.....a.....uhhh.....I have no clue what that is. A mushroom?



Not really an attack name, but Bara Bara Parts is changed to just “Body parts, come together!”

Seeing Buggy assemble with only his hands, feet and head never ceases to make me smile.


A flashback to Luffy being incredibly angry at the sight of his torn hat is removed.

Original Nami wants Luffy to remember that she's only working with him; she's not a pirate nor part of his crew. In the dub, she says she's now part of his crew but still not a pirate. Nitpicky.

Dub Luffy: “Hey Zolo, time to go-lo!”.......Go-lo to hell, 4Kids.

Luffy originally says he got the map to the Grand Line and a navigator. In the dub he says he got the map and the treasure, which makes no sense since Nami is keeping the treasure.

Nami says in both versions that if he could move she doesn't believe either of them would be human. Luffy asks why he was included in her saying that in the original whereas dub Luffy says “Don't lump me in with him!” Geez, Luffy, what the hell? Are you too good to be included with the insanely awesome Zoro now?

Luffy yells the same thing “We run!” in both versions, but the original has him say it over a still shot. In the dub, since anything said over a still shot is a sin, they animate a mouth on Luffy to make him say it. Two things. 1) It's almost comical how awful this looks. Scratch that. It is comical, especially considering the expression they end it on. 2) I'm so glad I can make my own gifs now to show you this.

Original shot:

So they don't have to animate another mouth on Luffy (aw, I wanted to make another gif) they make Luffy thank Chouchou in the background as Chouchou smiles instead of on the still screen of them running away.

The scene of the mayor waking up and asking where Luffy and the others were is after Luffy and the others get to Nami's boat in the original. In the dub it's before it for whatever reason.

The Mayor originally says Luffy actually had the heart to do an awful thing (knocking him out) to an old man like him. Then we get a short flashback of Luffy knocking the mayor out. In the dub, he doesn't say this and the flashback's removed.

Oh I get it now, they switched the scenes around to make a slight cliffhanger for the commercial break in the dub. The original only has one commercial break like practically every subbed show I've ever watched.

I find it stupid that those pirates didn't recognize Zoro. I mean, sure his face was obscured but how many people do you know that have green hair?

The mayor originally thinks to himself that back when he faced Buggy he thought that it was okay for him to die. He didn't care if he died if it was for the sake of his town (I wish more politicians were like that)

The mayor yells to Luffy that he's sorry and that he'll repay the favor one day. In the dub he just thanks them.

After they leave, the mayor thinks to himself “you brats” over and over and says he has nothing else to say. In the dub, he says the kids are really special and words can't express how much he appreciates what they did for him and the town before yelling out good luck to them.

A short shot of Luffy trying to get back up while arguing with Nami is removed.


Next up is Ussop's debut....I don't much care for Ussop. He's a liar, he's annoying, he has an annoying voice in both versions and his character design is awful. So, yeah. It's good to be back.

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