January 22, 2019, 12:48:50 am
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 on: January 10, 2019, 04:27:15 pm 
Started by DarkToph - Last post by DarkToph
182 – Houndoom’s Special Delivery: It’s a Togepi-centric episode that….I remember exists but don’t remember anything about the plot. So let’s just get this over with so we can FINALLY get to the next gym.

- Wow. So Team Rocket’s just been floating around aimlessly while slacking off, not actively following Ash and co. for, let’s say, days, maybe weeks, and they just happen to be right above them. You’re spending your coincidence allowance awful early today.

- Team Rocket encounter within the first three minutes of the episode, counting the OP. Yeah, this episode is going to be filler filled with filler.

- It always baffles me how getting caught in Weezing’s Smokescreen is always more of a bother on seeing than it is on the characters breathing. Considering the Pokemon using it, shouldn’t that poisonous? Ash and co. should be dead many times over by this point.

-….So….they set up this whole early Team Rocket attack and Smokescreen so Misty will trip, accidentally drop Togepi, lose track of where he is, seemingly spawning the plot…..only to have him Metronome/Teleport himself into a tree…..when he could’ve done that to begin with?

- Houndoom is so badass. Climbing trees like a monkey. Saving babies from trees.

- What is up with Pokemon instantly gunning for apples when Togepi starts crying? Is it secretly Ryuk?

- This past minute and a half exemplify why Togepi’s so annoying. It is either being a useless plushie in Misty’s arms or it’s having stupid crap happen to it every five seconds. It lost Misty, it Teleported itself into a tree, it was hungry, it randomly got attacked by a Pinsir, it tripped and fell – and we’re only seven minutes in now, still counting OP. Not to mention that it responds to all of these things with constant crying. I get that it’s a baby, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying to watch.

Togepi-centric episodes are mega-filler episodes catered to the much younger kids in the audience – the same ones the shorts are usually aimed towards. ‘Hey, look at the Pokemon being cute! Be quiet for a half hour!’

- Obvious recycling that animation of Houndoom picking up the apple is obvious.

- Ya know, Misty, maybe you wouldn’t lose Togepi so much if you kept it in a Pokeball. Or at least put a leash on it. I know you see it as a baby, but it’s a baby POKEMON. IE an ANIMAL. Pokemon can be smart, well-trained and mature, but it’s a baby, you never train it ever, and it’s a baby.

- More random Togepi happenstance: Random attack by a Gyarados.

- Now poor Houndoom has to babysit this lack of self-preservation having dumbass.

- More random Togepi happenstance: It started climbing up a cliff for no reason and is now falling. How does stubby armed/footed Togepi even have the ability to climb a sheer rockface that steep?

- Why did Houndoom jump in the way of that Sleep Powder? It wasn’t in front of Togepi and you can’t really guard someone from a powder unless you cover their entire body. Houndoom wasn’t even really near it. It seriously looks like Houndoom was like ‘Sleep Powder!? Sweet! Wheee!’

- Ash: “That was a Gyarados!”

Brock: “That was a small one, maybe it’s parents are swimming somewhere nearby.” A baby Gyarados? It’s an evolved form. How does that work?

- Brock: “Looks like Togepi and whatever it’s with went straight for that mountain.”

Ash: “I don’t think Togepi could’ve climbed that thing all by itself.”

Well, it literally just walked up it. Sure, it tripped, but it was walking up with no difficulties.

- Hey look, a completely superfluous scene of Team Rocket being blasted off by a Gyarados for no reason when they’ve already blasted off this episode. That sure doesn’t reek of lack-of-ideas filler.

- Hey, we’re half-assing it anyway. Let’s include a song from our soundtrack that only barely fits with what’s on screen! “You’re Never too Far from Home” mixed with Houndoom traveling with Togepi? Yeah, let’s do it!

- Hey, let’s include more random stuff. “Random Raikou cameo?” Why not?

- I feel like 90% of the scenes with Misty and the others are pointless. They’re really just recapping everything we’re currently seeing with Togepi and Houndoom, just after the fact. It’s important to see that Misty is concerned about Togepi, but it seems really redundant to keep explaining exactly what Togepi and Houndoom have been doing when we’ve been watching them the whole episode.

- Also equally important, Togepi never misses Misty when its out like this. I understand that it’s a baby (That excuse is starting to get old...), but that’s still a little unsettling.

- Houndoom’s really cute with Togepi and all, but why hasn’t it so much as humored the idea of looking for its parents when it’s clearly a baby?

- I really thought Misty would freak out given that her Togepi is seen riding on the back of the Houndoom she feared. Then they’d shoehorn in some ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ message…..nope. No message at all today! Yay! I hate episodes with substance and a point in existing! Whoooooooo!

- Meowth: “Today, team, we’re gonna catch ‘em all.” Fuck off.

- Also, a third interruption by Team Rocket? You guys are seriously grabbing whatever’s within your reach to fill in the required 21 minutes aren’t you?

- Houndoom’s nickname by its trainer is Doomy…..that is the only good thing to come of this episode. I need to get another pet and name him/her Doomy immediately.

- I love how Misty just cowers in the face of Victreebel instead of using one of her own damn Pokemon.

- Why did Team Rocket’s balloon explode when hit by the Flamethrower? It’s just hot air. They didn’t show the fire hitting the fuel tank or—for the love of god, why do I care?

This episode is empty calories. It’s cavity-inducing cutesy fluff with no point. There’s filler episodes and then there’s ‘literally wasting 21 minutes of your life’ filler episodes. There’s not even anything to get mad about because NOTHING HAPPENS. Togepi gets lost and does cute things. Houndoom looks lovingly at Togepi. Misty and the others recap everything Togepi and Houndoom have been doing. Team Rocket fills in the rest.

There are two things to get mad at, though. They completely wasted Houndoom’s debut. This gen was the first where we got Dark Pokemon, and they spend this episode having Houndoom be a doting mother and delivery dog.

It’s cute, sure, but have you read Houndoom’s Dex entries? Houndoom’s a kickass Pokemon!

Its howl sends people and Pokemon cowering in fear to the point where people believe it’s really the cry of the grim reaper. Its flames are a result of toxins burning from within its body. It can combine the toxins with the flames to make a superpowerful and fatal attack to its prey. If you get burned by a Houndoom’s flame, the pain will never subside.

…...Eh, just make it Togepi’s babysitter all episode. HURR!

Second, this is Raikou’s debut episode. Why is Raikou being shown in a Togepi-centric ultra-filler? Because….pbbbtttt, I dunno. It doesn’t tie into a movie or anything. It’s really just more pointless filler to keep your attention. It also gives a really stupid justification for this episode existing. ‘But guys, it’s Raikou’s debut and the only episode in which it shows up in the main series!’

Next episode, we finally get to Ekruteak city to finally face Morty in another gym match finally.

 on: December 28, 2018, 10:38:04 am 
Started by CM - Last post by lazlo623
A belated Happy Holidays!  Smiley Although New Year is just around the corner...
Hope everyone's doing okay.

 on: December 26, 2018, 03:52:40 pm 
Started by DarkToph - Last post by DarkToph
Hey, I completely didn't post in here on Christmas! Well, for some brief family drama BS, we didn't get a call from my sister, but she sent us a platter of assorted nuts, which is nice I suppose. Also, my mom basically had a falling out with my grandma because she suddenly started slamming my dad and me a couple months ago, so we got no presents or even a card from her this year. Hooray!

But now to less dramatic holiday poo, let me to tell you that if you want an otherwise great Christmas to turn into frustration and sadness, call a phone company's customer service.

So I got a new phone for Christmas, and I wanted to transfer over from cheap hellish nightmare of a flip phone to my new one. I've switched phones numerous times because I keep getting cheap garbage phones, usually used, because that's all I can afford. I've always been able to do it through online services, but this time it wasn't letting me, especially since it was asking for a PIN to my service plan that I couldn't find.

I decide to call customer service, and just to make this super stereotypical, the call center was very obviously in India. I called twice, got two separate people and I could barely understand what either woman was saying half the time.

Not that that matters because the woman I talked to didn't seem to care much.

I've been with this phone company (Page Plus - basically a prepaid subset of Verizon) for several years now, so I knew they had a thing about phone compatibility. They had a list of phones that were compatible with their service and even have their own store for phones. My Mom ordered a phone directly from their website - The LG Stylo 3 (Great phone, btw. I've been really liking it so far.)

When I call to make the transfer, after waiting on not-hold for several minutes (As in, they were telling me to hold on, but never put me on actual hold) and give the MEID Dec number (And I told her it was the Dec number.) and she says the system says the phone is not compatible with their services.

Obviously, I was incredibly confused.

Like I said, the phone came directly from Page Plus' website. Not only that, but the box the phone came in was specifically a Page Plus box. Not only THAT, but when I tried to activate the phone on my own online, the Dec number was recognized as compatible. One of the other numbers (The MEID Hex) didn't work, but the MEID Dec did.) I brought this up to her, even mentioning that there were other ID numbers, both from the phone and the box, that I could give her to help me with this, but she said there was nothing she could do. She didn't even say 'Boy that's strange that a phone WE'RE selling doesn't work with OUR services.' or 'Hm, maybe your specific plan doesn't work with that type of phone (which is a thing, but I checked before calling and my plan was fine)

She said 'Even if I activated the phone, it wouldn't work' which makes no sense, because you can't activate the phone if it doesn't work with the service in the first place. I guess she was trying to say 'I could try to get the transfer to go through, but it's pointless because the system says the phone's incompatible' but at least it'd be something to try.

She then told me I have no choice but to return the phone and get a compatible one.

I was about to get upset (Sad not mad) because I really hate telling people that they have to return gifts, especially somewhat expensive ones, even if the reason for returning is completely outside of their control. I was already frazzled enough as it is because, yay social anxiety, being on the phone with strangers makes me on edge enough.

Then the woman basically asks me what I'm going to do.....Like, what? Lady, you just told me you can't transfer my number to my new phone and I have no choice but to return it and get a new one, so why are acting like I have options? I guess I could keep it as kinda tablet on Wifi and retain my old nightmare phone or otherwise drop 150+ bucks on a new phone that also might not work.

I tell her that I'll just return the phone and she goes 'Okay. Would you like to take a quick survey about your customer service experience?' I obviously decline because 1) I don't feel like it and 2) I wouldn't have positive things to say. 'Oh yeah, this woman was unhelpful and apparently your company sells phones that aren't compatible with your own services. Zero stars.' After spending nearly 25 minutes on the phone for as little effort to be given on my problem as possible, I end the call.

Now you may be saying 'DT, I think you're being too harsh with this woman. She didn't seem like she was being too rude or anything.' It's not so much that she was being rude - it's moreso that she was making as little effort as possible to help me. Despite tech itself sometimes being a ****, I tend to have decent conversations with customer service reps. In fact, even though it was a **** and a half to setup our new modem a few months ago, the customer service rep was really great and went above and beyond to help us get it to work. This woman was doing the bare minimum. She was basically like 'Well, this is a problem. Not my problem, but it is one.'

If I was in her shoes, I'd ask for other ID numbers like the Hex or the IMEI and check to see if those work (Like I said, I was going to offer them, but she acted as if they didn't matter). Maybe ask for the number again to see if I had correctly copied it. I'd also ask for the model of the phone and check to see if it's on the compatibility list. I'd also ask my supervisor or someone above me if there are known issues getting this phone to work with their services, if it hasn't been listed as compatible yet (It is a pretty new model phone) and if there's anything they can do to fix it. But nope. She was basically politely telling me 'sucks to be you.'

Before anyone tells me that maybe she just knew, after years of experience with the issue or something, that doing those things would yield no results, let me tell what I did next.

I decide look around on the website for a bit longer to see if there was actually nothing I could do. After coming up with no results on my own, I open the customer service chat purely to get a second opinion on the issue. I tell him what I wanted to do and what the other woman told me about it. He asked for the MEID number, and I give him the Dec, and I tell him it's the Dec. He says the system's kicking it back as incompatible. I start to get very concerned again, but then he asks me to give him any other number, like the Hex or the IMEI. I give him the Hex, with the IMEI on standby, because when I did the compatibility check online the Hex didn't clear. After a minute or so he says the device is compatible and he'll start the transfer immediately.

.......It was a Christmas Miracle.

Everything else goes smooth as silk. I give him my SIM card number, turn off the old phone, turn on the new one, reboot it and boom, call went through without issue. I am elated.

It took not even ten minutes for this guy to fix this barely-non-issue. He even gave me an unprompted tip about speeding up the activation by rebooting the phone during the process - and it worked.

He was perfectly pleasant, he even gave me a Merry Christmas, and I did indeed do the survey after he offered. Smiley

See what mere common sense and a little giving a crap can do? I went from nearly having to sadly and unnecessarily send my Christmas present back to having a perfectly functional phone in ten minutes just because someone bothered to give a drop of effort and caring.

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas this year. And a Happy New Year to you all. ^_^

 on: December 26, 2018, 03:11:04 pm 
Started by CM - Last post by DarkToph

 on: December 20, 2018, 08:21:52 am 
Started by CM - Last post by lazlo623
Long time since I've been up here myself...thought I'd check up to see, if there's still any activity around here...  Smiley

 on: December 18, 2018, 08:35:24 am 
Started by CM - Last post by Hashihime
This is a reply.

(what's up, it's been ages and i'm mindboggled that this site still exists with some degree of activity.)

 on: November 24, 2018, 10:10:47 pm 
Started by Isaac Cruz - Last post by DarkToph
I don't live with myself. I'm a terrible roommate.

 on: November 24, 2018, 10:10:15 pm 
Started by Picard - Last post by DarkToph

 on: November 24, 2018, 10:10:03 pm 
Started by Oyashiro-sama - Last post by DarkToph
Granted. It don't bounce.

I wish bounce.

 on: November 24, 2018, 10:09:32 pm 
Started by DarkToph - Last post by DarkToph
Bewear of getting too lazy!

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